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The Value of Building Inspections Adelaide


Are building inspections Adelaide really worth the cost? If you keep losing out at auction, an inspection can be quite costly. At Precise Building Inspections, we know the value of receiving having qualified building inspectors survey your property as we see the problems that may be stopping a home from selling.

We see potential buyers inspect a property and find that everything seems okay, but you need to be absolutely sure before making the final purchase.


An Important Warning for the Unsure

 We have conducted many building inspections Adelaide and found some disastrous results. Roof frames that have been fire damaged, structural damage, pests hiding away in the sneakiest places – these are just some of the regular problems we come across. It is important that you have a satisfactory building inspection written into the clause. Building inspections are not a waste of money – you can most certainly negotiate a better price if the property is found to have defects.

 You must remember that every house has its problems. In the time that our building inspectors Adelaide have been conducting their service, every year they find an outweighing majority of homes that have defects. This includes new homes. Many older homes are owned by retirees who take care of the structural elements of the property. We love finding houses in this solid condition.

Most Houses Have Problems

 Remember not to be too fussy if a home is found with a defect. You will rarely find the perfect house. Many homes contain structural issues that require repair and continued maintenance. In our humble opinion, you should not be too concerned if you find a bit of rust here or some rot there: these are minor problems in comparison with some of the great issues we have found in homes. If you are going to be overly concerned with these minor issues there is a good chance you will struggle to buy a house.

In Conclusion

It is always a good idea to receive an inspection for the home you might purchase. We have had many clients who back out of having an inspection only to regret it further down the track. Not having a home inspected just because it costs a bit is a short-sighted solution to what could cause long-term problems. Not to mention the peace of mind you get from knowing the home is either in good condition or needs some work.

If you feel that a building inspections Adelaide is right for the property you are considering purchasing, feel free to get in contact with the professionals at Precise Building Inspections.

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