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How to Complete a Construction Project on Time


Construction is a complex process. There are many areas where something can go wrong, and a delay would be inevitable. As an owner or a veteran in the field, you probably would have become accustomed to how these delays come about. That’s good- that the first step in identifying how you can complete a project with minimized time and cost overruns. Next, is to work closely with your client and keep them in the loop at all times. You want your reputation to still be credible and trustworthy at the end of the day. Here are some other things you need to keep in mind when working on completing a project in time.


Believe it or not, detailed planning goes a long way in outlining your expectations of this project. Create clear drafts of contract provisions and project procedures so you have an idea of your requirements when it comes to planning, producing and managing the project. This will also ease your client’s mind that you work through organized ethics.


To prepare for any possible disputes, its best that you take the time to establish an intelligent claims avoidance and mitigation system. For this, you’ll have to regularly renew your contracts and keep a beady eye out for risks that need to be managed. You also need to make sure that your contracts also outline the critical claims avoidance provisions as well as procedures. Use a claims surveillance program to have an idea of the efficacy of your overall dispute process.


Ideally, all the employees under your care should start off with training on problem areas and early warning systems. They should be well equipped in having a consistent response to claims so they won’t jeopardize the company and must have a range of techniques in their arsenal to avoid, identify or resolve claims. The ignorance of one employee can severely hinder your project so make sure there’s clear communication about procedures and a direct superior each employee can contact at all times.


Part of the deal is knowing when to outsource your work. For example, if it’s laser scanning or lift plans, a professional third party will have all the critical information your team needs to resume the project and carry on safely. These companies are highly qualified in what they do since they specialize in their own duties, this means that the time taken to carry out procedures are greatly reduced.

Project Delivery

You’ll have to create a list of advantages or disadvantages that comes with the project delivery system used. Know the ins and outs of your system and where your strengths lie. Be familiar and involved with the obligations expected and outside the jurisdiction of all involved parties. You need to know your stuff like the back of your hand essentially and anything else will reflect on your work.

Use these steps to complete your project on time but also prepare for the inevitable delays then and there and work on how you can get back on track in such cases.

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