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How Faith Led Schools Promote Character Formation in Students


Choosing a faith led school can make a big difference in your child’s life. These schools focus on how to nurture the students as an individual. And there are many aspects of the students’ lives considered in addition to academic excellence.

By choosing a Lutheran school Brisbane that carries the same values you believe in as a family,  you can ensure that a positive learning environment is provided for your child. These schools can give a deep understanding of virtues, ethics and morals to the students which can inform how they live their life. Faith led schools have a value based education where religious teachings are integrated into learning. And the students will gain an understanding of moral principles through what they are taught. There are many values they will see through the actions of their mentors, instructors, counsellors etc. and they will be taught these values from a young age as well. This gives them an understanding of how to be kind, respectful, empathetic and honest. They will learn what it is to have integrity as an individual. These values teach the students about how to behave in a way that doesn’t hurt others. This allows them to think deeply about how they interact with others. And they can allow these values to inform their decision making.

Having a framework of values

Allow the students to understand how their decisions impact others And this gives them a sense of personal responsibility. They will be able to see the bigger picture instead of focusing on themselves all the time. Most of the time, people see the world in a narrow viewpoint. But when you are used to seeing the world through the lens of faith, you will be able to see more. And this will lead to a deeper understanding of who you are as a person. There are also many role models and mentors for students in a faith led school such as administrators, teachers etc. These role models will act according to the values and virtues that are followed by the school which gives the students a better idea of how faith informs their life. There are also prayer groups and religious studies classes where students can ask more about their beliefs. And these provide an opportunity for the students to engage in ethical reflection.

Students will learn to emulate

The positive qualities of their role models which can impact their behaviour positively. There is a focus on service to others when it comes to faith led schools. And they emphasise social justice. The students will be encouraged to engage in activities where they can be kind and compassionate to people in need. Through these service opportunities and outreach programmes, students will learn to prioritise the needs of others and understand how they can make a positive impact on another person’s life. They will also see how their kindness can impact the world around them. These service opportunities allow the students to develop empathy and with more and more children growing up in such an environment, we will soon have a compassionate society.


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