Suburb Profile: Mackenzie, Brisbane

Mackenzie, located southeast of Brisbane, Queensland, Australia, is a small out-back suburb. It is partly covered by undeveloped bushland. Mackenzie forms part of a cluster of suburbs comprising Belmont and Rochedale. This cluster of suburbs is described as having a bushland setting, upmarket housing and a rural-lifestyle appeal. The suburbs have easy access to large shopping centres, schools and facilities in nearby suburbs.

Surrounding suburbs include Belmont, Carindale, Mansfield, Rochedale, Upper Mount Gravatt, Wishart, Burbank and Chandler.


Mackenzie got its name from Colonel W. Mackenzie, a sugar baron on the Bulimba Creek, which is roughly two kilometres north-west in present-day Carindale. Before acquiring its name in 1975, Mackenzie was a rural area split between Rochedale and Belmont.


Mackenzie is home to Mount Petrie, which is named after the explorer Thomas Petrie. The 170-metre mountain is sometimes called Petrie Hill. The southern peak of Mount Petrie has a deserted triangulation station with a radio tower ruin. A trig tower for taking bearings and measurements can be found at the top of the mountain. The top also offers a spectacular view of Brisbane and Moreton Bay. The bushland close to the mountain is a sanctuary for koalas, wallabies and echidna colonies.

There is one school in Mackenzie, namely, the Mount Petrie State School. There are two churches, the Wesleyan Southgate Church and a Baptist church; and one petrol station. There is no large or small shopping centre. Shopping is done in Wishart.

Real Estate Market

Several residential estates with hundreds of new houses have been constructed in Mackenzie in the past decade. Despite being a small suburb, there are many real estate listings appearing for Mackenzie. Consult your local property management for information on properties for rent and sale in the area.

Listing Property in Mackenzie

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